Step #01 on Team Jakes Project


We are a group of 5 Diploma in New Media students from School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic.

Team J.A.K.E.S  first typography introduction video!

J– Jaliza

A– Azhar

K– Kelly

E– Evangelynn

S– Shan


#02 JAKES survey findings

Collated Survey Responses:

Total survey – 122

60, street survey

62, online survey- Link to our online survey questions:


Online survey:

  • Age group: 14-39 years old.
  • Occupation: Students,Civil servant, Sales Executive, Child Care Teacher,Assistant Photographer, Camp Trainer, Technical Consultant, Ns man,Business Development Manager, finance consultant, Educational Officer, Entertainer.
  • % of social media platform users: 93.5%
  • % of non-social media platform users: 6.5%


Some of the Questions asked:

Findings from the online survey:

A large percentage of people access through the social media platform via the smartphone applications and internet.

The voting results between Fashion portal, Food portal and Sharing of latest promotions/deals theme on  social media platform: Majority chose Sharing of latest promotions/deals.

The top preference in the features to be used on social media platform are:

              1. Follower features (Friend list)

             2. Sharing of information (Uploading images/video/posting etc)

             3. Reposting feature (to other social media platform)

             4. Commenting feature


Street survey:

  • Age group: 15-56 years old
  • Occupation: 21 out of 60 are students, 17 out of 60 white collar workers and 22 out of 60 are blue collar workers.
  • The voting results between Fashion portal, Food portal and Sharing of latest promotions/deals theme on  social media platform: Majority chose Sharing of latest promotions/deals. ( Same as online survey responses)

Suggestions and Feedbacks ( Both online and street survey) :

•Art related activities (e.g. showcasing the latest and current performing art gigs, exhibition, art fairs, seminar and promotions with regards to art materials such as paints and pain brushes and performing arts tickets).
•Gaming (e.g. latest gaming info, or cheat codes. Forum like setting whereby a gamer could interact with other fellow gamers).
•Travel Guide (e.g. a website that acts as and information centre to travellers, equipped with the latest information such as accommodation, places of interest and other happenings)
•Events (e.g. Impromptu notice about the latest events be it in the clubbing scene, concerts, movie screening or parties).
•Music site (e.g. a platform that generate/offer all the existing music clips, somewhat similar to the gaming site).
•Blog shop (allowing individual to sell and buy online).
•Books portal
•Halal Food Portal
•News and World Updates

Additional findings:
  • Majority being surveyed are user of social media platform. Most popular are Facebook followed by Twitter and Tumblr.
  • 80% surveyed are frequently on the social media platform
  • Majority get to know of the social media platform through friends and family.


So from the above findings on the survey,  we had come to a conclusion. We decided to come up with a brand new social media on the smart phones/tablets platform. The main features will be on the theme Travel and Deals.

We begin with research on how iPad/iPhone application layouts are done, the statistic of social media users, smart phones/tablets users and application website designs.

1. 30 Examples of Stunning iPad App Interface Design

2. Tappgala: The Best in Mobile Interface Design

3. Fonts for iPad and iPhone

4. iPad Specifications

5. App Store Marketing Guidelines. PDF

6. How Apple’s iPad is changing our lives.  (Statistic)

Questions on:

1. iPad time usuage

2. Where do user use it?

3.What do user use Apple iPad for?

7. 50 Inspiring iPhone Application Websites


From the results of survey, we had modified and come up with a brand new social media platform.

Brand name: Reisebuzz

Reise, in Norwegian means Travel and in German means Journey.  It’s a combination meaning of creating a buzz for travellers!

It will be an application for smart phones and tablets. Mainly for iPhone and iPad. Combination of social media and travel deals for the convience of users.


Our brand identity:

  • Hip and Trendy
  • Casual
  • Convienent
  • Interactivity
  • Simplicity


Project Progress:

1. Finalised concept and application features

2.  Layout designs for iPhone and iPad

3. Storyboarding on transitions

4. Execution of prototype

5. Video Reel, Animation and Posters for step #06

6. Marketing and Promoting


Our Role:

Jaliza:  Logo design, Layout designs and Apps Promotional Website designs.

Azhar: Promotional Videos, Documentation Videos and  Infographics for marketing.

Kelly: Storyboarding on transitions, Execusion of Prototype and Infographics for marketing.

Evangelynn: Storyboarding on transitions, Execusion of Prototype and Update of social media networking site.

Shan:  FYP team JAKES blog, Execusion of Prototype, Documentation and Update of social media networking site.



We had decided to brainstorm together and come up with some logo that we think would suit REISEBUZZ!

Here are some of the logo we had come up with.  And if you had noticed, we had come up with a tag line too!


All the logo we had done so far are related to travelling, such as passport stamp effect, luggages, swipe effect, air planes etc.

In our next post, we be updating our layouts and make a guess which logo is chosen? 😛

#05 JAKES’ Reisebuzz Layouts 1

Yes! We are back with the layouts done on the iPad frame.  Here’s a sneak preview to what our layouts are like and the functions.

1. Reisebuzz’s landing page

2. Reisebuzz’s landing page/log in page

3. Reisebuzz’s Home page

4. Reisebuzz’s Feeds page

5. Reisebuzz’s User upload page

We be back with more updates on our other layout page and together with explanation for our function!



Team JAKES had created a facebook page on FACEBOOK.

We had come up with the first  facebook promotions that will be for the first 100 ‘LIKES & SHARE’!

Link to REISEBUZZ facebook page:


Facebook Promotion:

First 100 ‘LIKES & SHARE’ stand a chance to win a pair of air tickets to Bangkok, Thailand.

Follow the steps to WIN:

Step 1: Like our Facbook page, at Facebook Promotion:

First 100 ‘LIKES AND SHARE’ stand a chance to win a pair of air tickets to Bangkok, Thailand.

Follows the steps to WIN:

Step 1: Like our Facebook Page, at, to be a fan of Reisebuzz.

Step 2: Like and Share our Page

Step 3: Paste this in the post. ( Travel with a swipe at @Reisebuzz! Like them now!)


So, our team had seek for advices in term of our design layouts.

Here are the first 3 pages that are updated.  More pages will be update again!

As for our progression, in term of layout designs, we had finalised most of it and in the progression of publishing.  Mean time, we had done some research and seek for advices on the Prototype making.

For the Prototype section, we be using Adobe CS5.5 Flash.

Here is the link to the newly version of Flash, it is told that will be features such as exporting for iOS as well as zero coding for action script!

Look forward to 16th January 2012 for the actual launch of our Prototype! 🙂


We had discover another software for the making of our application’s prototype.  With the assitance of Tedd Lim from CyberCode, we had begin our prototype with Xc0de.  It’s a programme used only in MacBook.

We had also launch our website on the 16th January 2012!

Our website:

In our website, there is a full view of the application’s demo that is interactive.

So during our showcase in *SCAPE, our booth will be having iPad and iPhone that allow audiences to interact, find out more about what REISEBUZZ is about! 🙂